Designer's Note:

Welcome to AURORA !

You have selected truly fashionable swimwear that is best suited for showing and lounging.   

Suntan products, perspiration, chlorine, salt water, extreme temperatures of hot tubs, and dry cleaning agents
can harm the specialty fashion fabrics.

Swimwear Care will ensure and prolong the beauty of your fashion swimwear!

We cannot accept returns of worn swimwear.  Please take this into consideration when making your purchase.

Swimwear Without Rules?

AURORA has no boundaries...from the choice fabrics to the trim, the over-embellished fashion swimwear boasts
extravagant strings and couture-length sash ties.  The White Label represents the Collection and the Black Label
Couture is reserved for Limited Editions and One-of-a-Kinds.

AURORA has no not seasonal to industry standards as truly fashionable swimwear is always in season.
When the Collection is ready the Showcase opens, and when the Collection is sold out the Showcase closes again.  
Every Showcase opening is an event not to be missed!  Check back often for the latest from
Top quality materials are globally sourced.    AURORA designer swimwear is ALWAYS Made in the USA.
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